30% Savings Over Bottled

By switching from bottled water to an Aqua Chill point of use water system, you’ll save around $1/gallon, which translates to at least 30% savings for most businesses.

But another perk of switching to bottleless water is that you don’t have to think in terms of gallons consumed at all, ever again. You pay a set monthly fee, winter or summer, regardless of how much water your employees actually drink. You also won’t pay an extra penny for installation, maintenance, or emergency repairs, so there are no unexpected bills and no surprises.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Yes, installing a point of use water system involves running tubing through your walls. Yes, it will temporarily disrupt the flow of your office. But we take care of everything for you, and after over 30 years in the business, we know how to make the process quick and painless. Plus, installation is completely free with your monthly water contract.

Remember: this one-time inconvenience will replace years and years of storing bottles, regularly replacing bottles in your cooler (for which you pay endless leasing fees), and coordinating bottle deliveries. It also guarantees substantial financial savings, both immediate and indefinite, and a drastically reduced environmental footprint.

The Installation Process

The Maintenance Process

Our team performs rigorous preventative maintenance on our clients’ systems every 6-8 months. Many other point-of-use water companies perform maintenance every 12-18 months, which we’ve found to be inadequate for optimal functionality and longevity of water systems. Visiting our clients twice a year, at minimum, allows us to keep systems running at peak performance, long term.

Tasks on our maintenance checklist include:

  • Replacing pre-filters
  • Testing the membrane for TDS rejection
  • Sanitizing the Reverse Osmosis tank
  • Re-pressurizing the tank
  • Cleaning the cooler exterior
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger
  • Testing incoming water pressure
  • Testing products
  • Testing source water for TDS (total dissolved solids)

Ready to have cleaner better tasting water?

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