No space for a cooler? No problem. Aqua Chill’s under-counter chiller fits right under your sink, so you can get pure, icy drinking water without the bulk of an upright system.

Iceberg POU Water Cooler – Iceberg Cooler

The Iceberg is our innovative new undersink water cooler, which supplies cooled, filtered water on demand from a counter-mounted tap adjacent to your sink or handbowl. The impressively quiet electric refrigeration unit installs discretely inside your base cupboard and can dispense a cool 11.5 liters an hour

Cooler Specifications and Performance Data



Power Rating Single Phase
(220-240V 50Hz)
(100-115V 60Hz)
Standard Current 1.2A
Cold 75 Watts
Hot n/a
Cold Compressor Single phase motor(TS24 LATG)
Refrigerant R-134a
Capacity 3.5l (0.9 gal)
Refrigerant charge 28.4g (1.0 oz)
Product Weight 13.3kg (29.3 Ib)
Product boxed weight 14.6kg (32.5 lb)
Product dimensions 410(W)X300(D)X300(H)mm
Product boxed dimensions 440(W)X330(D)X340(H)mm
Loading quantity 20′ Container: 637 Units
40′ Container: 1323 Units
This Company has a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to change specifications without notification
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