Aqua Chill has drinking water systems for any business environment, space, or purpose. Get the product or products that fit you best, all from one place.

Aquachill Upright Water Coolers for The Office or Home


Our signature upright coolers are contemporary, sleek and stylish. Color options include platinum, white, and black with chrome accents, so this product can merge seamlessly into any business décor. In addition to chilled drinking water, employees can also get piping hot 180 degree water, perfect for making hot tea, oatmeal, and soups.

Under Counter

No space for a cooler? No problem. Aqua Chill’s under-counter chiller fits right under your sink, so you can get pure, icy drinking water without the bulk of an upright system.
Aquachill Counter-top POU Water Coolers


All of the functionality and convenience of an upright model, in a much smaller package. Affordability and convenience make the countertop cooler an ideal choice for growing businesses. Water temperature options include cold and room temperature or hot and cold.


Need drinking water for use in the field? Consider the Aqua Chill fill station. Available in 10, 30, and 50 gallon sizes, this product gives you all the purified water you need at a fraction of what your company is spending on bottled water.

Alkaline Filter

Aqua Chill offers the alkaline post filter that changes the reverse osmosis water into a alkali calcium ionized water. The alkaline filter gives back minerals such as ionized calcium , magnesium, sodium and potassium ion. The alkaline post filter will typically give the water a PH value of 8.00-9.50.

Ozone Sanitizer

Aqua Chill offers the SIP ozone system which eliminates biofilm, mold, algae and the SIP system has a 99.999% kill rate of all pathogens. The SIP system sanitizes your cooler reservoir using micro-bubbles of all natural ozone.

Ultra Pure/De-Ionized

Get water pure enough for medical and scientific applications with the touch of a button. Our Ultra Pure Systems are perfect for dental offices, animal hospitals, and any business environments that include autoclaves.

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