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Aqua Chill is the leader in providing purified bottleless water across South Florida. Companies are leaving bottled water delivery and switching to our bottleless water purification system that provide a substantial savings and a better environment over bottled water delivery. Aqua Chill provides drinking water systems for any business or commercial environment. You’ll enjoy

Aqua Chill of South Florida

Did you know that most bottled water is simply municipal water that’s packaged in a bottle and delivered to your office? The reason you’re paying more isn’t the quality of the water you’re drinking it’s all the labor and cost from regular delivery. With Aqua Chill you get all the drinking water you need at the same purity and great taste of bottled without the environmental impact and high cost associated with bottled water.

About the Owner

Bottleless Water Cooler South Florida

Jeff graduated from Northeastern University in Boston Ma. with a major in Finance.

Upon graduation, he went on to a position in Finance with IBM Corporation in Charlotte NC, and then with IBM Sales and Marketing Division with Federal Systems.

In 1989, after leaving IBM, Jeff was co-founder of OptiLease, an IT/computer leasing company located in Miami, FL. In 1997, Jeff and his partner entered into a Franchise Development Agreement with Grow Biz International, to develop several franchise locations under the Grow Biz Concept name of Computer Renaissance in the South Florida Area.

After selling his company in 2006, Jeff then began Aqua Chill of South Florida, where his company is committed to the highest level of service to its customers, and providing the finest Commercial Drinking Water Systems.

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