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It’s easier than you think to switch from bottled drinking water to bottleless. At Aqua Chill, we’ve spent over 30 years honing the installation process to ensure minimal disruption to your office flow. This one-time process replaces years and years of bottle deliveries—and that’s just where the benefits begin.

Other benefits of switching to bottleless water include:

  • Financial savings: Most businesses save at least 30% after switching to bottleless.
  • Ease of use: No more storing giant jugs of water on site or swapping them in and out of coolers.
  • Reduced environmental footprint: No more plastic waste or environmental toxins from delivery trucks.
  • Cleaner water: With Aqua Chill, your water is purified on the spot, rather than months before drinking, using reverse osmosis (the same process bottled water companies use). Bottleless purification systems also bypass the possibility for contamination that’s introduced every time a bottle spout is touched by human hands or exposed to the air.

Why pay $1.15-$1.50/gallon (the average cost of bottled water in San Francisco) when you can get even cleaner water for only 20 cents/gallon?

The decision is simple, really.

You don’t even need to budget for an up-front investment—installation is free, as are our twice-yearly maintenance visits and any other service calls. You pay only a low fixed monthly fee, which doesn’t change from winter to summer, or when your employees drink more water than usual. (And you’ll never “run out” of water again!)

Office Water San Francisco

Dozens of San Francisco businesses rely on Aqua Chill to provide their employees with clean drinking water, for far less money than they once spent on bottles.

Something that sets us apart, and that our clients appreciate, is our commitment to top-notch service. We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time on service calls, and we visit each of our clients every 6 months (twice as often as our competitors) to perform a rigorous maintenance process. Our maintenance checklist is long, and includes tasks like replacing filters and membranes, cleaning and sanitizing the tank, cleaning the heat exchanger, and performing tests to ensure optimal system operation and water purity. We’ve found that more frequent maintenance = better working systems and far fewer service calls.

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Switch + SaveMost businesses save at least 30% by switching to Aqua Chill

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