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Are you looking for an alternative to bottled drinking water for your Dallas office?

Maybe you’re tired of storing and handling those bulky bottles. Maybe you’d like to take bottled water deliveries off your To Do list. Or maybe you just want to save some money and do a good thing for the environment.

Whatever brought you here: welcome!

Aqua Chill has over 30 years in the bottleless water industry, with a sole focus on providing the best service and the most cost effective drinking water. With our point of use purification systems, you get endless drinking water that’s even purer than bottled water. (Contaminants are always introduced in the process of swapping bottles in and out.)

Our Dallas customers are saving upwards of 30% by ditching bottled water delivery.

You might be ready to switch to Aqua Chill if:

  • You’d like to reduce your office water bill.
  • You constantly run out of bottled water.
  • You’re tired of the inconvenience of bottled water deliveries.
  • You’re an environmentally conscious company.
  • You just want to provide the cleanest water for your employees.

Aqua Chill’s bottleless water is purified by reverse osmosis—the exact same process used for high end bottled water. The only difference is that our water is purified on the spot, moments before it’s consumed, rather than weeks or months before.

And that high price tag you’re paying for bottled water? It isn’t for better water—it’s for the labor, truck maintenance, insurance, and delivery costs that are passed on to you. With Aqua Chill, you get the exact same clean, delicious water with none of the extra costs.

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Unlike our competitors, at Aqua Chill, bottleless water is all we do. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and a quality guarantee, with 24-hour support turnaround time. And while most office drinking water providers service their filter every 12 months, Aqua Chill performs a full maintenance process every 6 months to ensure that your systems are running optimally.

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