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If you’re still using bottled drinking water in your Atlanta office: there’s a better way to provide clean, great tasting water for your employees, and it also happens to be better for your bottom line.

Most local businesses save about $1/gallon when they switch to Aqua Chill’s bottleless water solutions, which typically translates to a water bill that’s at least 30% lower. On top of the savings, business owners and employees appreciate the reduced environmental footprint bottleless water affords them, as well as the ease of use (no more storing bottles, swapping them in and out of coolers, or coordinating bottle deliveries).

Aqua Chill’s bottleless water solutions feature point-of-use purification, using reverse osmosis to remove all five major contaminants: biological and chemical particles, heavy metals, and minerals. This is the same exact process used to purify bottled water—it’s simply done moments before drinking, rather than weeks or months before.

When swapping out bottles of water, contaminants are always introduced, to some extent, even with careful handling. Aqua Chill’s point-of-use purification process is a completely closed loop, meaning that our bottleless water is even cleaner that bottled.

Benefits of switching to Aqua Chill include:

  • No more lifting 5 gallon jugs of water.
  • No more contaminants in your water from bottle handling.
  • No more running out of water or paying more during the summer.
  • A low monthly fee that stays fixed, regardless of amount of water consumed.
  • A savings of 30% or more.
  • An environmentally friendly drinking solution.

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At Aqua Chill, we stand behind our water with unparalleled service and a quality guarantee. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve fine-tuned our installation and maintenance processes to make everything as seamless as possible for your office. We’re proud to offer 24-hour turnaround time for support for Atlanta area businesses, as well as thorough maintenance visits every 6 months (as opposed to the 12-18 month intervals our competitors offer).

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