The AquaChill Difference

Lots of companies offer point-of-use water purification systems, but not like Aqua Chill. Corporate point-of-use water isn’t just something we do—it’s ALL we do. And with 30+ years in the industry, we’re pretty darn good at it. We’ll handle everything, from installation to maintenance to emergency repairs (all at no extra cost to you). We proudly service all of our clients’ systems every 6-8 months (as opposed to the 12-18 months intervals the other guys offer), because more frequent maintenance visits means products work better, longer.

Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you have questions, we have answers.

  1. What is reverse osmosis (RO)?

    See our blog article “What is reverse osmosis (RO)?

  2. Why go with reverse osmosis instead of bottles?

  3. Why should I go with Aqua Chill instead of another water company?

  4. Why should I sign a multi year contract?

    See our blog article “Why should I sign a multi year contract?“.

  5. What’s the difference between our 3-stage and other company’s 5-stage?

  6. Is there a charge for service when I rent a drinking water system from Aqua Chill?

    With Aqua Chill, there is never a charge for installations of new systems, relocation of existing systems and service or parts used in your system.

  7. Can I ever buy my equipment?

    Yes, you can buy your equipment. Call your local office for a quote.

  8. Why is my bill so high?

    Your initial bill includes both first and last month’s rent. Subsequent invoices will reflect only your low monthly rate.

  9. Why is there a different amount due on my invoice than my monthly rental charge?

    The amount of the invoice may differ from your monthly rent because of an outstanding invoice or a payment may have crossed in the mail.

  10. How can I make payments?

    Over the phone, by credit card (AMEX, MASTERCARD OR VISA), by check or money order. There is no additional charge to the customer for making a payment using these methods.

  11. Where should I send my payment?

    All payments should be sent to the PO Box on the top left hand corner of the invoice.

  12. Where should I overnight a payment to?

    Aqua Chill, Inc.
    1320 S Priest Dr., Ste. 106
    Tempe, AZ 85281

Our GuaranteeBest Quality, Best Service

Aqua Chill Guarantee

Why GoBottleless

By switching to an on-site water purification system, you’ll save space, money, and your employees’ backs. (Those 45-pound bottles are cumbersome, at best.) You’ll get the same great taste and purity of bottled water, without the cost or the hassle of coordinating regular deliveries. And perhaps most importantly: you’ll be helping to save the environment in a big way.

Areas of Services

Aqua Chill has offices in many major cities across the United States. If you see an office in your area and would like to arrange an installation, simply click on your area of the map and call one of the offices listed. Any of our dealers will be pleased to introduce our line-up of commercial drinking water systems.
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