Get Out of the Bottled Water Trap!

Office water coolers have been a part of the modern office culture since long before anybody who works there was even born. Bottled water coolers are fodder for comedy routines, but the real joke is on the companies who continue to pay their excessive (and unnecessary) costs.

Innovative technology from AquaChill takes the superfluous costs out of the drinking water equation by eliminating the installation, equipment and added water fees. In fact, our customers report cost savings of 30% over bottled water service!

You should pay only one water bill

Our customers avoid the added cost of bottled water because our manufactured solution filters, on-demand, the existing office water supply using a proven reverse-osmosis system. They pay only one water bill! And they eliminate their expensive subsidy of the labor, truck maintenance, over-the-road insurance, and fuel expense to the bottled water delivery companies.

We provide advanced ultra-filtration systems to deliver great tasting water at the tap using the water lines already in place, or in free-standing units using water taps we install for free. No more heavy bottles stacked up all over the office, and no more empty bottles that leave you half-a-glass shy of satisfaction. Only pure water when you want, for as much as you want.

And because we’re the manufacturers, we can support your system with quality filters and other components to guarantee long-lasting performance.

In fact, we’ve posted information about how our technology is superior to the 1950’s era water cooler invention.

Our team is proud to present their distinction as the best, and most affordable, drinking water solution for your office.

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