Better Technology Puts Pure Water at the Tap Not in Bottles

Improvements to manufacturing and filtration technology have truly changed the water business. It used to be that bottled water service was the best way to have good drinking water at the office. But not anymore.

Our technology puts owning your own drinking water filtration system within reach. AquaChill’s great filtration system is small enough to fit in a shoe box and our efficient manufacturing makes owning the system affordable and even less expensive than bottle service.

AquaChill has been putting that drinking water technology to beneficial use in office spaces all over the Southwest for 30 years. Our product technology puts great-tasting and safe water “on tap” with a direct connection to your office water line, using the water service already built-in to the office space.

Our exceptional product engineering and best-in-class maintenance program guarantee many years of safe, clean-tasting water. The hardware connects directly to your water line to deliver on-demand ultra-filtration (aka Reverse Osmosis) process. Our affordable maintenance program ensures that the system performs effectively and safely. Simply replace the small filters we ship on a regular basis to guarantee your drinking water continues to meet a high-standard of purity and quality. And every 6 months our Preventive Maintenance crew will arrive to make sure the components are functioning properly.

The Technology That Matters is the Technology Behind Your Drinking Water

Stop to think about the money you spend on the technology to improve office performance. How much of that is devoted to human wellness?

Investing in a safe, hard-working drinking water system from AquaChill may provide the highest ROI. Leaving aside the very real benefits of clean drinking water for humans, our products are more affordable, per employee, than just about any other Human Resource or Health Insurance program on the market.

A cost-effective way to add valuable and healthy technology to your office

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