What’s the difference between our 3-stage and other company’s 5-stage?

Aqua Chill 3-Stage and 5-Stage Difference

In order for us to explain the difference between a 3 and 5- stage reverse osmosis system, it’s important that you understand the meaning of the term “stages”. A “stage” simply means a filter used in the reverse osmosis process.

Conventional thinking would lead you to believe that more filters in a R.O. system would yield a proportionally better product. This is simply not true!

Many reverse osmosis companies will place an inline carbon filter after the water storage tank in a typical reverse osmosis system installation. The function of this filter is to eradicate any aftertaste leached from the inside of a storage tank. An aftertaste caused by leaching is a perfectly normal condition or byproduct of water store in a brand new tank. The carbon filter is a very effective medium in the elimination of taste caused by this condition.

Many companies manufacturing 5-stage reverse osmosis systems place 2 granular carbon filters before the membrane in order to protect it from chlorine. Granular carbon filters, while effective in the elimination of chlorine, are not nearly as effective as solid carbon block filters used in the manufacture of the Aqua Chill reverse osmosis system. Granular carbon filters, unlike solid carbon filters can allow chlorine to pass through the system to the membrane, which leads to shortened membrane life.

Always environmentally conscious, Aqua Chill is constantly evaluating better options to prevent waste and increase the operating efficiencies of our family of products.

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